Spring in Oslo 

OSlo is the capital city of Norway. According to Lonely planet.To the rest of the world, Norway is where MOTHER NATURE has created one of its finest art. And definitely, I agree with that.Living in Norway and experiencing how it’s written in the book is a living proof that this country is exactly a finestContinue reading “Spring in Oslo “

Keeping up with the Norwegians (Norway’s Constitution Day) 

It’s my second time celebrating National day in Norway but last year it was in Lillehammer.But, this year I decided to go and celebrate in Oslo (the capital city of Norway) Gratulerer med dagen Norge! Hurra! Hurra! Hurra 🇳🇴(As Norwegians  greeted each other) or if we really translate it to English it says “Happy BirthdayContinue reading “Keeping up with the Norwegians (Norway’s Constitution Day) “