Two years in the blogging world

Who have thought? I came this far! Nyay.. I received a notification that today is my two year anniversary in writing my blogs in WordPress. Time flies (for real) I start writing blogs way back when I was in Norway. It was just for fun or should I say I was bored. But, I reallyContinue reading “Two years in the blogging world”

Lillehammer Days ’16   (LillehammerDagene) 

LillehammerDagene is an annual and traditional children’s flea market and a parade with some instrumental band, showcasing foods and many more.  INstrumental  band parade as an opening activity on the first day 🎷🎺🎻🎸 Group of Norwegian watching the parade. The couple dancing 💕 The troll and his friend walking around 🙄 Everybody was just busyContinue reading “Lillehammer Days ’16   (LillehammerDagene) “

Keeping up with the Norwegians (Norway’s Constitution Day) 

It’s my second time celebrating National day in Norway but last year it was in Lillehammer.But, this year I decided to go and celebrate in Oslo (the capital city of Norway) Gratulerer med dagen Norge! Hurra! Hurra! Hurra 🇳🇴(As Norwegians  greeted each other) or if we really translate it to English it says “Happy BirthdayContinue reading “Keeping up with the Norwegians (Norway’s Constitution Day) “