Keeping up with the Norwegians (Norway’s Constitution Day) 

It’s my second time celebrating National day in Norway but last year it was in Lillehammer.But, this year I decided to go and celebrate in Oslo (the capital city of Norway)

Gratulerer med dagen Norge! Hurra! Hurra! Hurra 🇳🇴(As Norwegians  greeted each other) or if we really translate it to English it says “Happy Birthday Norway” 😁 

Celebrating the signing of the Norwegian Constitution in Eisdvoll, May 17,1814. ( like 202 years ago today) 

It’s a huge celebration among Norwegians. A typical children’s parade and a party to everyone. 

Marching bands, traditional costumes (Bunad) a hundred of different ones,with different colors and styles indicating which region they are from. 

In Oslo, the parade is greeted by the royal family waving to the crowd(unfortunately I’m late so I’m not able to see them waving 😂😅) 

And party is everywhere! It was a great cultural and historical experienced. A great one!  Indeed. 

Hurrrrrayyyy Norway 🇳🇴


10 thoughts on “Keeping up with the Norwegians (Norway’s Constitution Day) 

  1. It was big in Oslo! And you were lucky with the weather, because over here we got some clouds and wind -_- haha

  2. Yes, it was a huge celebration there. People were everywhere and the crowd was really amazing . Yes, lucky us to celebrate it with a very sunny and warm temperature. Oh! Too bad for you . There’s still next year maybe the weather will be good that time . (Hopefully) 😉

  3. Absolutely beautiful! I’ve been wanting to move here ever since I visited. OSLOVE ❤

  4. Wow! Is been a long time. Did you leave already? :O
    About the old comment, I think everybody who lives here was happy enough with the weather, despite of the windy and cloudy, hahaha

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