On B O A R D 

Here Fishy,fishy,fishy! 🚤

Way back in the Philippines I only went fishing with my dad once when I was 9 years old .I’m afraid of the sea water because I don’t know how to swim haha like until now 😅) 

So,my second fishing experienced happened in Norway (Ålesund) together with my adventurous host family. I felt having the entire zoo in my stomach,when the boat starts. Like I can’t breathe and everything felt into chaos. That’s how exactly I felt everytime I’m in a boat. I didn’t have sea sickness just that I think that the boat will sink and I’m gonna die because I don’t know how to swim or maybe the Sharks will come after me and eat me (an imagination of a 5 years old haha) 

Well, the fishing was great. We got a lot of fish using ONLY THE NET ITSELF. I didn’t help them actually, I was just watching them while enjoying the view and waiting for the fish to come on the net(helpful strategy) We got like 12 big fishes 😍

The Queen of all fishes “My host mom” haha” or the TORSK (COD) catcher 🙃

Aeiiiii ,aeiiiii Captain (MOrfar) was leading the fish expedition “Morfar” means the father of my Mother (My mother which is my host mom) quite confusing though that’s how Scandinavian grandparents “names”derived from. 😅 

This kids were badass 🇳🇴

So, this is how we started our spring activity! 😎 (I still wanna  do it in the future if I have the chance) What’s your first outdoor adventurous spring activity then? 

Spring on the way 🌿


7 thoughts on “On B O A R D 

  1. I live in South of Sweden. Never been to my neighbor Norway. But many times to Philippines! My son and daughterinlaw are from Ph.
    Always longing for Ph.
    But after reading and looking at your Lillehammerblog…maybe …a trip north?!

  2. Same here! Always longing for PH 🇵🇭 (as they said “HOME is where the heart is ) you should make a plan trip to the north! It’s worth it!

  3. I like ur story! You have an awesome experience! If I have a chance … I will do it also.

    Im pretty sure you miss Philippines! 🍃🌿🌴🌼🌐

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