Catch me by the sea 🌊 

Spring is on it’s way and I can’t wait for real. Running, walking miles ,  biking , wearing some thin clothes and be free from the winter atmosphere. 

As I lived close to the sea. I have the opportunity to visit the seaside anytime I want. It’s make me feel so relax,calm and I feel very peaceful within. Like standing or sitting on the seashore watching the birds flying over the waves. How the waves hits the rocks . How the blue sky reflects its beauty to the mirror of water. I know, not every human race try to see every details of  how our mother nature reveals. 

Another blue sky appears on the surface

Birds are coming back

Green grass appearing

 Hope is coming and more energy and perhaps more positivity will conquer

And more importantly the sun is up daily 

So walk as far as you can, go for a bike ride wherever you wanna go until your legs get hurt and numb 😅 (YOLO) 😬🙈🙉🙊 

Love the life you live 🌊

At some point in life, 

nature becomes enough for the lonely soul 

 The silence of the sea 

that surrounds you and you can feel it 

 Smell the fresh air from the ocean breeze

The salty air that blew everywhere 

and the magic that whisper in to your ear
Let your soul and spirit fly 


Only miss the sun when it starts to snow 

Growing up in such a tropical place with the sun rays up to 40 deg C every day is really exhausting. Who never loves changes?
 Every winter is really important to me.When a European friend asked me why I’m into snow? Winter? I simply answered them because I like it. But behind that ( I really don’t know how long will I stay and be able to see and enjoy the winter time) That’s why I’m enjoying every snowflakes that drops from the sky. 

It’s cold literally but there’s no reason to stay indoors.

It beautifies everything that covers 

Just get up right and and make the most of the fresh of the white season. 

It’s not really a good winter this year. A day full blast of snow and its melting on the next day .but hey! at least there’s always a thing that we’re looking forward to . The changes of the season . Like Passenger song lyrics said “Only miss the sun when it starts to snow” Only you’ll miss the thing when it’s not there anymore.Like us, we are taking things for granted most of the time. And when it’s gone it’s gone 😂 you’ll never know how important it is until it’s gone (again)😂😅What’s the connection anyways? Haha😁 

Looking forward for the spring season! 🌸 What are you looking forward to? 

Into the wilderness 

Spring has come!(I think so😅)  Well, there’s still quite some snow around.What makes it wonderful is that the sun is up and it feels like 11degC ☀️ . I still remember my host kid (the eldest one) told me today when he arrived “OH! Miesel it’s very warm outside! More sun, happy Norwegians ” (I just smile but actually, I wanna laugh) yes! More sun,not only happy Norwegians but also happy Miesel. Who will not be happy? after not seeing the sun in quite a while. Living here during winter season is just amazing in some ways that you could enjoy winter coz there’s just a lot of snow all over the place. No wonder why it’s famous destination when winter comes. But having Mr.Sun in a day is like having a motivation to do more work and being happy. When I’m in the Philippines I really hate being under the sun. Just like wooh my skin will get darker again. Having white skin in the Philippines is a trend. (You’re pretty when you’re white ) as they said and that’s the conceptual fact being a Filipino. 

I won’t missed the day not going outside and do some short hike around Lillehammer. I’ll show you some photos where I call it my happy place. (I almost spent my time visiting this place since I moved here) it’s just as wonderful as it is.  







Where is your happy place then? Take a walk into the forest and smell the wild air! Happy Spring 🍀

Winter Memories ❤️





 Life is unpredictable,

It changes with the seasons,

Even your coldest winter,

Happens for the best reasons,

And though it feels eternal,

Like all you’ll ever do is freeze,

I promise spring is coming,

And with it,brand new leaves


oh! Just love reading this! And can’t wait for the brand new leaves to come. Pictures taken just inside and outside our house ❄️(What are your spring excitements and plans then?) Share your thoughts 🎈 

Enjoy every season Coz every season brings different experiences ❤️xxxx

Winterwonderland (The magical destination LILLEHAMMER  ) 

Lillehammer is a town and municipality in Oppland county,Norway. Two hours away from Oslo by car or train and there’s also a bus connection from Oslo airport to the place. The region has a special place in the hearts of many sports fans. Since the 1994 Winter Olympic Games has been played here and the Youth Olympic Games earlier this year as well.There are two famous ski resort in the place like few minutes away from the centrum of Lillehammer  the Hafjell which is famous for downhill skiing and Sjujøen for cross country skiing. As they said Norwegians are born with skis on their feet.  Living in Lillehammer more than a year is another lifetime experienced. People described them as cold but warm at hearts. They are very friendly and easy talk with 💕I’ll show you the other side of Lillehammer as I call it the Winterwonderland with the help of a friend who is genius photographer who captured some photos here 📷 or wanna visit Lillehammer one day? Check this out for a convenient visit in the future and for exciting activities?


PHILIPPINES my Home ☀️(A Welcome back to the paradise called Mindanao) 🌴

Home is where the heart is 💕 the islands,the noise of the ocean breeze, the sun rays,green trees and the perfect sunset scenery ☀️ Some people get scared everytime they heard about the southern part of the Philippines  “Mindanao” like most of the media were talking about it as one of the dangerous area to go as a tourist. But, if you just go and have some good resources of what place to visit and go and that would help. It’s not really dangerous at it is. Well, there are just few places which is really restricted to visit and go.Living here for 20 years is tough when probably you’ll meet some friends and asked you where do you come from? And they just like oh Mindanao! It’s not safe. Well,the sad truth is some people are just generalizing it as a whole place of Muslim and dangerous place. But, if you look to the other side. There’s a lot of good and amazing place that Mindanao can offer.Remember, Prevention is better than cure” ☀️