I’m a Filipino living my au pair life in Europe since 2012.I lived in Copenhagen,Denmark for two years and moved to Rotterdom, The Netherlands for a year and over a year in Lillehammer, Norway and now I’m currently au pairing in one of a small village in the Southern Sweden which is not really far away from civilization πŸ˜…. 

You might ask? What is an au pair?  It’s a cultural exchange program dealing with young adventurer to live in a foreign country in exchange of learning the  culture,  language and the society itself. With an sponsor called host family. You will stay with them in exchange of food and lodging. And in exchange for that, you’ll be helping them out with some light household chores and taking care of their kids mostly dropping them to school and picking up and some babysitting. They will provide you, your monthly allowance which depends on the rules of the country you are into.And the language course(the national language where you are au pairing in) . But it’s your choice. Some didn’t undergo language course. Instead they go for some courses that will develop their skills. Like cooking course, photography, painting, driving, swimming or anything. It depends how you able to convince and have an agreement with your host family. 

I made this blog to share my thoughts and how I see the world through my eyes and the journeys I’ve been.Random events and hobbies I’m into. I love food (I’m a happy eater)I have an obsession with nature.I hope  you’ll enjoy reading this as I continue my journey everywhere.

Miessy Xoxo ❀️



27 thoughts on “About”

  1. before i even read this by the looks of pictures i realized you really are obsessed with nature which is a powerful and great thing, so keep loving nature and life xx

  2. Great blog and beautiful pictures.
    I am born (in) and native of Copenhagen,Denmark.
    Your people are one of the very few foreign groups, who actually treat us well!

  3. Thank you for visiting and participating on my site. After reading “about” what you are doing; going place to place learning, I thought, that could make for some good writing. So I will check in from time to time for your adventures.

    thank you

  4. Welcome to my blog and thanks for subscribing! I see you are operating out of the city of Lillehammer – for the time being? Then you’ll probably have noticed that I’ve made a photo report from just Lillehammer? πŸ™‚
    And a lot of other places throughout Norway. In fact – nearly 6000 ‘full screen pictures’ published so far!
    Please enjoy!

  5. Thanks for liking my blog Miesel. Norway is the most beautiful place I have visited. You have the lucky chance to enjoy nature there. Have fun!:)

  6. Since registry you have been practically non-existant I see, so this is only to inform you that your profile has been deleted from our registry files as of today!

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