The last time I wrote something here was around March 2019. From that time, I decided to stop a bit then I never write anything from that time.

So many things have changed. 2020 hits by pandemic. Around the world are suffering still.

I just wanna drop by and say hello to everyone who’s been with me since I started blogging 5 years ago! Maybe, it’s time to hit the papers and start busy writing about my thoughts and a bit of my life again. Let’s see how it goes!

Whoever reading this! Stay strong. Amidst this chaos situation we’re into. There will be better days coming for sure. 💛💙💚

Keep in touch with your family. Make the use of our existing technology to be connected to your love ones!Message some friends or colleagues. It’s nice to check people from time to time especially this time. You’ll make a difference! As everyone is struggling to live. The small act of kindness will never hurt.

And above all, STAY SAFE!


3 thoughts on “Hello!

  1. This is beautiful. Not just the writing part! But the initiative. We can’t survive this pandemic alone! Only each other’s support would save us through.
    Thanks for asking people how they have been!

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