Samal Island (DAVAO)

I never thought that I would definitely coming here. It was not the plan actually. I visited my bestie in Davao and we stayed there for a night . We always been traveling together since we were in Europe. And we almost spent our time, days off work, vacation together. Even though we both in a relationship. Third wheeling is not a hindrance. πŸ˜‚ Our partners needs to accept that dating me is having extra me or her around. 🀣

So after having a day tour in Davao and rainy night we decided to jump into a jeepney and headed to the port which you only pay 10 peso each to reach the island by barge.

So we’re asking everyone which is the best to stay for a night or so. Everyone is suggesting us not to stay in the port areA since it’s crowded and the beach is not that white. One girl told us that there’s a place called “Kaputian” which you can only hire a motorbike for 100 pesos more or less or taking the bus which is more convenient and cheaper to get there. We thought its only few minutes like 15-20. But it feels like forever. This place is where the bus is having their last stop. πŸ˜‚ We thought its just around the corner (the white beach) but its far away than we expected. We went by motorbike for almost an hour and pay 100 peso each. To unknown destination. Then anxiety burst out. Like “I did not tell my Dad or anybody at home that I’m doing this” . Road is a bit okay then the worst part is when Go down to the beach. Rocky and bumpy road all the way. Then we arrived.

To unknown destination πŸ˜‚πŸ₯‚πŸ’›β˜€οΈ

The “Alorro Beach Resort”

It’s white sand. Perfect sunrise and only few people around.

We pay like 500 each to stay the night. Luckily, the motorbike told US ahead of time to buy some food since its only a small /Village kinda way of serving there.

But we had a great time. A life time experienced πŸ’›. And I’m sure I will be coming back again there one day. To chase more white sand beach and waterfalls .

7 thoughts on “Samal Island (DAVAO)

  1. Great experience and nice photos! We saw Kaputian Beach from across a channel at nearby Talicud Island – that’s another beautiful island with white sand beaches that you can probably reach via a short boat ride from Kaputian.

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