The “New Boracay”

I never been to Boracay before. So, I really don’t know how it looks like in person 🙈 But this is where the Social media takes over. It gives you the idea how a place would look like. Thanks to Vloggers in YouTube who made it possible 👻Just keep searching and clicking 😂 but everyone has different experience. You don’t have to follow what all these vloggers were doing. Just get some idea what to do’s and dont’s. And of course it will depends on your budget, the hotel, hostel or guest house you are staying. After all, you decide and YOU make your adventure meaningful and unforgettable.

After few months of “rehabilitation”. Here comes our a little adventure showing you how “Boracay looks like now”.

And if your Vegetarian? Check in to a place called ” D District ” they make awesome and delicious vegetarian recipes ever.

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