Winter on Spring

My host parents told me it’s very unusual in Skåne to have more snow and have the winter atmosphere on spring time. Few weeks ago, I posted some flowers blooming around. And now, it feels like a bit of winter wonderland again. Weather forecast said there will be mixed of snow during the night and raining somehow and some Sunshine. But who knows? No one knows! But it’s okay. People might get annoyed on it. But I’m lovin it. I always Love winter time . Especially when the sun is up and the blue skies appears on the horizon. The coldness that touches your face while the sun competes to strikes some rays on your skin.

I hope you are having a great season 💙


4 thoughts on “Winter on Spring

  1. Hi Missy. I don’t know if you got my message on Instagram. I would like to ask you something about your blog / au pair years. Could you write me an email? My adress is anna.eysler …. (use @ instead of … – I don’t want to give my whole email adress here to avoid spam. Thank you!)

  2. Oh Hej Anna! Sorry for the late reply. I just read your message now. Hope all is well. And I see you tried to reach me on Instagram. I’m sorry. I did not give so much attention on it .

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