Goodnight Kisses ❤️

It’s been three months since I left Lillehammer . Days run pretty fast.New adventure awaits, new environment to adjust, new society to fit into, culture and tradition to cope up and a new family to live with. Who says being an Au pair is that easy? 😂😅😌  well, I couldn’t believe I’m still here, wandering in Europe. 😅 Which I’m always be grateful for. 
Moving is the hardest part. I have to find new friends again. Look for a network to fit in. Groups or organization or church to be in .😌 on the other hand its sound so exciting. 😎Like a new adventure and experience is waiting ahead. 

So, no more mountains, great pink sky and green magical trees around. (Thats Norway 😅) and beautiful  breathtaking landscape. But what I’m so blessed to this new place is it’s very close to the seaside 🌊 Luckily, I have the opportunity to watch the sunset by the SEA. (Sounds so romantic huh?! 🌅😌) 

Here comes my unstoppable obsession about skies and every little thingy 😬

As Paulo Coelho said that “Beautiful sunsets needs a cloudy skies” 

Never waste any amount of time doing anything important when there is a sunset outside that should be sitting under 🌅🌊


25 thoughts on “Goodnight Kisses ❤️

  1. Nice pics! “Never waste any amount of time doing anything important when there is a sunset outside that should be sitting under” – True 🙂

  2. I love reading your blogs. I agree that you should never waste a moment when there is a gorgeous sunset outside. I have lovely sunsets here too in Wales. They are one of natures treasures. Its like one big canvas. True art! Your blog is very inspiring, very fresh and uplifting. I only discovered you today so am glad I did. I hope that you have settled in x

  3. By the pictures you take, I think we’re in the same place at the same time; yours slightly different but so is mine from yours still very close. How could they be exactly the same anyway?

    this is a fresh water lake, right? this is not in the u.s., is it? it has a primitive quality. The shot of water curving around to land in the distance looks almost exactly like a picture i’ve taken many, many times with its ever changing light, a different picture every time. Your does not have small town lights along the coastline off in the distance but mine does … and a light house further around the curve or land beyond the water. Cool … this could NOT be the ocean could it?

    I need to show you what I have but how?… i’ll find a way.

    Thanks for liking my poem about trees. I liked it too.

    I love trees. They are the masters of our world fully connected around the world not with just each other. Their roots sink into the earth and they listen to what the earth teaches them and their lives are one and the same with the sun, possessed with knowledge so far beyond, we’re like ants seeking crumbs.

    How lucky we are to live in the midst of them.

    I awoke with a start this afternoon, my phone whistling at me … from dozing, my eyes wide with wonder and sound; i looked outside and saw the green moving and the hiss of leaves. I picked up my phone and the words flowed out of me.

    Speaking of parallel universes, where do these creative thoughts come from? Maybe they come from across the bay in both our pictures … or maybe far beyond their horizon lines?? take care … ks

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