Lillehammer Days ’16   (LillehammerDagene) 

LillehammerDagene is an annual and traditional children’s flea market and a parade with some instrumental band, showcasing foods and many more. 

INstrumental  band parade as an opening activity on the first day 🎷🎺🎻🎸

Group of Norwegian watching the parade.

The couple dancing 💕

The troll and his friend walking around 🙄

Everybody was just busy . Some were eating sausages and ice cream outside 🌭🍨🍧

I took this video with the lovers graciously dancing along the street. 

The celebration is located in the heart of Lillehammer called “Storgata”. Like the other city center, Storgata has a lot to offer (though it’s not as big shopping outlets that some could think of) but, I’m sure you can still have some choices to go shopping to different cute stores around the area, pubs, restaurants, museums, pharmacy, bank offices, post office which is really adjacent and a walking distance to different buildings. 

say cheeeeeessse 🏆

Trying some paella Spanish dish 😝

Visiting one of the best burger place in Lillehammer which owned by a friend from the Philippines and Iceland . It’s called Brooklyn Burger Joint just across the cinema .You should visit this place it’s awesome 😋🍔

More kitchen wares displayed along the street. 

The center is just two or three minutes walk  from the Lillehammer tRain/bus station all the way up. It’s a wonderful town with an ambiance of nature within the city itself. 

It has an international market showcasing some delicacy from the other countries especially from the Netherlands( oh the Dutch cheese😋😋😋) my favorite stroopwaffels (can’t live w/o this) 😂 Waffles from Belgium, Salami, Olivea, Macaroons, chocolates, sausages and other variety of cheese from Italy, France, Greece and the warm food from Spain ( Paella 😋😋😋) 

It happens every third week of the month of JUNE in consecutive three days from Thursday as its first day until the Saturday as the last day. During the first two days shops were open from 9:00 am until 20:00 hours evening time . But on the last day. All shops were closed around 16:00 hours and all the displayed food and bargain were also being kept around that time. 

And a lot of discount from different shops up to 60 % . So it’s worth to visit to be entertained and have some great deal. And it’s open to everyone. 


6 thoughts on “Lillehammer Days ’16   (LillehammerDagene) 

  1. I really had a good time . Yeah, I was just 4 years old that time and without knowing I got the chance to explore this place and stay quite a while. (Thanks to au pair program) haha but, luckily! earlier this year. The World youth Olympic has been played here. So I was able to experienced it . But the 1994 was remarkable I think. Time goes pretty fast. Can’t believe I’m leaving this place very soon. Have a great day! ☀️

  2. OHhhh…I think I’d fall for the food first! I think visiting another country and experiencing their take on food would be heavenly. Of course people and historical places count, too. But those waffles…enjoy!

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