Mi Oh My πŸŒΌ

You might be wondering why I have “Mi Oh My” as a title of my blog today. πŸ˜… I heard this song “wonderful life”by Matona and I fell in love with it. It’s actually a theme song from the movie “the angry birds ”

Share this video http://youtu.be/oJk7HOZhjY4

I really love the lyrics of the song. The positivity on it and the melody. It tells that if we open our eyes , I think we’re both gonna find that it’s a wonderful life 🎼

That we  should make everyday count 🌼

That money can’t buy happiness 🌼

That when the light hits your smile , there’s a fire that ignites at the bottom of my heart 🎼

That if you look up the stars, They shine for you 🌼

That there’s always be a wonderful life (and it depends how you see it ) it might be in small way or in some other way. 

That you should make the rest of your life . The best of your life 🌼 That HAPPINESS is homemade and its start WITH YOU πŸ’‹




13 thoughts on “Mi Oh My πŸŒΌ

  1. Love you photos! And I really appreciate the thought in the song lyrics right now — all true things to keep in your heart and remember when the little troubles in life start occupying too much of your thoughts.

  2. Love the song. I saw Angry Birds and it was great. Your photos words are beautiful.

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