Chasing the sunset ☀️

“Sunset’s are proof that no matter what happens, everyday can end beautifully.” -Kristen Butler 

One of my favorite parts of the day is going outside and watch the sunset. I’m so blessed to end my day watching those sun rays as colorful as it is when it sets. The feeling is just magical. I always feel the connection with nature. Many of us have their own interpretation of everything around us, but if you love nature, you will find everything around you BEAUTIFUL. Like the trees, the flowers, the clouds and even the sound of the rain, the sound of every drop on the roof or against a window. Further, the singing birds around you, how the water in the river flows and the dancing grass whenever the breezy wind hits them. There is really something with those that even I can’t explain how and why. I just totally and incredibly love it. It is something very refreshing and where I find peace in it.  





Did you chase the sunset today? And enjoy it’s view?  Stay colorful and be like the sunset. ☀️


30 thoughts on “Chasing the sunset ☀️

  1. This look amazing.❤️ You’ve definitely got a good eye for photography.

    PS: Thanks for liking my blog post btw. It means a lot. Feel free to give my blog a follow if you like it!😁

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