Lovely Morning 

  I thought it was already spring last few days. Then suddenly the weather changes again. The weather is just so unpredictable. Sunny days earlier,snows were melting and the second day it’s all foggy,cloudy sky with some rain and snow. What is really beautiful about it is that no matter how changeable it is . You will still be able to see the beauty of every CHANGES. I’m glad and grateful enough waking up with such a great view from our living room .  (What are you grateful today?) 


37 thoughts on “Lovely Morning 

  1. hi messy i just want to ask you can u help me get au pair program for my sister she has ten years of experience on nanny and child care..i want to apply her in aupair wherever in europe, can u tellme the agency pls pm me

  2. And be aware of scammers. Greataupair have lots of them. If you need more help or tips to avoid it . Let me know 🙂 wish a Goodluck to your sister. ☺️

  3. Yes it’s the view from our living room. Yeppss, lucky enough to see this view everyday as the season change 🙂 Thanks Kara

  4. Lovely photo. I like the way you can click on it and see it like your own window. I can see you even have a ski-slope. Grateful for all my senses intact and that my missus came home safely from Shanghai yesterday. Thanks for asking 🙂 Have a brilliant weekend:)

  5. Thank you 🙂 yes! It’s the Lillehammer ski jump in front. It was used for the Olympic and for training as well 🙂 Good to hear what you’re grateful for. I hope you had an unforgettable travel . Have a great weekend as well 🙂

  6. Sounds like a Midwest morning. Sun one moment, snow the next. Am grateful for the seasons, though. Makes you appreciate Spring that much more.

  7. my sister is 37 yr old and turning 38 this year, she already register for an account in greataupair, can she still apply in the website or you can you recommend something

  8. I don’t think your sister can still be able to apply in the program. It’s until 30 years old and must be single. Depends which country she will go. But 30 is the maximum age.

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